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The LLC Stimul Group company is engaged in the development and manufacture of innovative products - new generation polymer additives and materials.

High-tech R & D center for digital design, modeling and development of advanced polymers has been organized in the purpose of the development and successful implementation of lifecycle management technology and production of polymer materials (PM) with specified properties and characteristics.

The next stage of the company's project will be the creation of a digital factory for the production of the globally rival product of a new generation for the NTI markets and other high-tech industries using artificial intelligence technology.

This will allow virtual testing and selecting the most effective area for the application of new polymers, which will significantly reduce the cost of expensive actual tests during the manufacturing process management.
Professional achievements
Premium "Priority 2015"
Holder of the diploma of the national premium in the field of import substitution "Priority 2015" in the nomination "Khimprom".
The exhibition "Chemistry 2017" and the premium "Priority 2017"
The company first presented its products at the international industry exhibition "Chemistry 2017" at the Startup Chemzone exposition.

Holder of the diploma of the national prize in the field of import substitution "Priority 2017" in the nomination "Khimprom";
The winner of GenerationS 2017 and the member of Federal Register of projects
One of the winners of the Federal Accelerator of technology startups GenerationS 2017, the TechNet track and received a grant from RVC.

The project "Polymer additives of a new generation" was included in the Federal Register of projects with advanced production technologies as part of the implementation of the Roadmap of TechNet NTI.
The winner of the contest "Innovative Business Navigator 2019"
The winner of the All-Russian contest "Innovative Business Navigator 2019" and received a grant from the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
Our advantages
High-tech manufacturing
Modern manufacturing on high-tech equipment using advanced production technologies.
Experienced team
Highly qualified team of professionals with extensive experience based on the latest developments in the fields of obtaining new materials and radiation-chemical technologies.
Digital simulation
High-tech R&D center for digital simulation of the final product properties and development of flow production technology.
Quality policy