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Highly effective stabilizers for polymer materials APS
APS stabilizers are high-molecular-weight sulfur-containing organic compounds.

Advantages of new APS stabilizers:
  • polyfunctional mechanism of action (light and thermal stabilization, protection against ozone aging, protection against cracking, protection against γ-radiation);
  • cost-effective (maximum efficiency is achieved with small dosages of 0.02 - 0.03%);
  • non-toxic (belong to the 4th class of hazard according to State Standard 12.1007.76 - low hazardous substances);
  • almost non-volatile and thermostable at temperatures above + 250 ° C;
  • in combination with phenolic, amino- and sulfur-containing stabilizers, they show a significant increase in stabilizing efficiency (synergism);
  • improve strength, bending resistance, durability, and mechanical resistance of products from polymer materials.

APS stabilizers are used for processing, modifying the performance properties and long-term protection of rubbers, isoprene rubbers, fibers, bitumens, varnishes, paints, epoxy resins and polyolefins (ABS, polypropylene, high and low pressure polyethylenes, etc.) from thermal oxidative destruction during processing in the manufacturing of various compositions (peroxide-crosslinkable insulating, electrically conductive, halogen-free, etc.) and products based on them in the chemical, electric power, petrochemical, construction, transport (automotive), road, shipbuilding, aviation and other industries.